This is the Portal that matches Buyers and Sellers of needed PPE Supplies

This is not a portal to purchase individual supplies. It is only for bulk purchases!

We constantly receive offers from buyers & sellers of PPE supplies.

KN95 and N95 purchasers typically want POL. Sellers typically want and LOI and POF. Aligning all of these requirements is often the reason any of these PPE supplies have been sold before a “perfect alignment” occurs.

We are confident that if Buyers and Sellers will register their exact requirements with us, we can facilitate these transactions efficiently.

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If they are 3M N95 or KN95 respirators for bulk buyers and sellers – this is the portal for you!

How to use this portal effectively

We advise both bulk Buyers and Sellers to provide your complete requirements to us.

Buyers – Don’t make a mistake!

Too many Buyers are requesting only product that has arrived in the US and can be confirmed by SGS inspection. We have manufactures who can deliver to the US within days at over 1/2 the price of goods already here.

Coming soon! 3-ply disposable masks with your printed logo.